post a day!

As we ring in the new year you may find yourself considering resolutions for your health in 2011…  maybe you will make a healthy change in your daily meal prep (experiment with new oils – like coconut!), park a little

further away to get in a few extra daily strides, wake up a little earlier for your morning meditation?  Or maybe you will finally make that acupuncture appointment — you’ve been meaning to look into that!  Perhaps you will do what your naturopath has recommended for you — taking your vitamin D

every day!

I too have a few resolutions on my list and one of the biggest is in store for this blog – a new post every day!  I really care about contributing to the conversation on healthier living and helping others access the incredible healing power that resides within! (the vis!)  So hold me to it and check back regularly because 2011 is looking like a very health-filled year!!!

be well,

Dr. R

***it is now 1/8/11 and I have already found the busy-ness of my class schedule, patient schedule and volunteer work crowding into my blog time!  As with any resolution, failure to stick to it doesn’t mean we should give it up (read- if you have one too many brownies after dinner or skip your gym sesh for a night at the movies, that doesn’t mean healthier living isn’t within your grasp!).  I will continue to work to keep this blog a priority, I am just experiencing the reality of making room for new habits – maybe you are too?!  I would love to hear your thoughts on how you follow through on making changes in your life habits.


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