My name is Rachelle Forsberg and I am a naturopathic physician.  I am passionate about discovering alternative routes to wellness and I strongly believe any individual can achieve their optimal state of healthy living!  I am a doctor at a busy family practice clinic in Sammamish, WA.  I like to take the time to contribute to this blog because one of the tenets of naturopathic medicine is ‘docere,’ doctor as teacher.  I am dedicated to educating others on alternative ways they can improve their level of wellness and subsequently improve their ability to do the things in life that make them feel most alive!

Please leave your comments and questions and I will reply — I hope you find information on this blog that improves your outlook on life and your sense of well-being in this world!

be well,

Rachelle M. Forsberg, ND


3 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi Rachelle,
    I am an old friend of your mom and dad’s. I used to babysit you from time to time when your family lived in Grand Junction. I came to your house in Denver once with a group of cheerleaders. Your parents let us stay with you while the girls attended a cheerleading camp. Two of those girls were my daughters. You probably have seen our pictures and letters at ‘Christmas time.
    Congratulations on becoming a doctor. My questions for you are: what is the difference between the type of doctor you are and the typical family physician and what is difference in the educations between the two types of doctors? I am all for alternative treatments but have never really understood the difference.

  2. Hi Trish!
    I certainly remember you and your family! Thanks for saying hello! ;o) Regarding your questions – if you refer to my post entitled “What does your doctor know about nutrition” there is a link to a document (comparative curricula) where you can see the differences between various naturopathic medical school curricula and some of the major US allopathic medical school curricula. In short, a naturopathic doctor (or ND) is trained to work as a primary care provider with an emphasis on utilizing natural and alternative medical therapies. Depending on what state you live in your ND can do everything from blood-work to annual exams to well-child care, prescribing medicine – natural and pharmaceutical and referring as needed. Some naturopaths specialize in a specific field (oncology, dermatology, pediatrics…etc.) or a particular modality (homeopathy, physical medicine, IV therapy… etc.) while others remain fairly open to numerous areas of expertise and act as a primary family practice doctor.
    Licensed ND’s complete four years of medical school from accredited institutions and are required to pass board examinations comparable to licensing boards for MD’s, many graduates may also choose to continue on with further training in a residency program or may begin working as a primary care giver immediately upon licensure.
    Hope this wasn’t too much info, but feel free to contact me with any further questions. So good to hear from you! Hope you are well!

  3. Hi Rachelle,

    Hope you are doing well. I enjoy reading your posts and consider you a very reliable source. Someone I know has started distributing a product that she really thinks has some amazing healing properties. She has asked me to try it and support her business. I will purchase it as a support to her, but before I actually try it or recommend it, I thought I would ask for your expert advice. The product is coffee/tea which has ganoderma in it. I guess that is a type of mushroom?? Here is the website: serenigy.com/debraluthye. I know you are a busy doc, but if and as you can, please let me know your thoughts. I sure love your mom…we have become dear friends as we pray for each other often. : ) God bless your day, Gina

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